September 1, 2016
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Make Records The Way Records Are Meant To Be Made

Rose Studios is the hidden gem of music recording in Brooklyn, NYC.  The recording studio is equipped with a fully soundproofed and sound treated recording area comprised of a live room, perfect for drum tracking and live band tracking, as well as an isolation room and guitar closet for recording vocals, overdubs, or extra instruments.  The studio boasts API and Vintech preamps on top of a great selection of equalizers, compressors, and even a tape machine and plate reverb.  We’ve got our own amps, piano, Hammond organ, and drum kit, perfect for jumping right into a recording session without worrying about bringing extra equipment.  Make your record in a studio with classic vibe at Rose Studios.

Our services include:

  • Live or Multitrack Vocal and Instrument Recording
  • Song Mixing and Mastering
  • Remote Mixing or Mastering via Source-Connect and Skype
  • Songwriting and Production with our In-House Production Team
  • Editing services including Vocal Tuning, Audio Editing, Drum Correction and Sample Replacement
  • Live Music Video Production

Steady Sun



Recording Engineer and Bass

broken cabins IMAGE

over nights

Broken Cabins


Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Engineer


Hyponotic Brass Ensemble



Drum Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Engineer

Big Bang IMAGE


Big Bang


Recording and Mixing Engineer

Jackie O IMAGE


Jackie O


Recording and Mixing Engineer

Red Moon IMAGE

Noble Kids

Red Moon


Recording Engineer

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