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"We were introduced to Danny via a friend who is a recording engineer in Miami. Danny came highly recommended and we instantly liked his approach - clean aesthetic, professional, awesome studio, the right equipment, a huge amount of care for what he does and how he can bring out your sound, and just an all round easy to work with guy." - Craig "Great experience recording at Rose Studios. Engineer, Danny, was very knowledgeable, quick, and well versed. Atmosphere was quite chill. Perfect!" - Casey "A great little spot in Greenpoint, comfortable and personable, the perfect place to do your record. He's always willing to work with you on your budget and makes sure the project takes precedent over watching the clock. A great dude, great space, don't sleep on it." - Dan "Danny is professional, affordable, and generous. He built his beautiful wood-finished studio by hand, and takes the same amount of care with every client project. Highly recommend this guy!" - Ben "The experience I had in the studio was nostalgic. I felt like I was in a Disney movie. The warmth of the room really can bring out creativity as an artist. The engineer that I worked with was extremely professional and had amazing customer service. This is the place that you need to be if you're a musician or person of the arts striving for greatness." - Tenn Stacks "Rose Studios is welcoming, calming, and professional, and that's a testament to the owner, Danny, and the effort he puts into the work his studio produces. This was our first time in a professional recording studio and Danny was great the whole time, clearly putting his all into our project. We'll definitely be back!" - Teddy & Mercedes
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